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The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program is a paid summer internship and mentoring program for high schools students, which is sponsored by the American Fisheries Society (AFS).

The program was created by the American Fisheries Society in 2001 in honor of the late Dr. Robert F. Hutton. Students are accepted into the program through a competitive selection process.

Accepted students known as “Hutton Scholars,” are matched and mentored by a fisheries professional to enjoy a hands-on fisheries science experience in a marine and/or freshwater setting. 

Mission: To Increase diversity within the Fisheries Profession

Vision: To stimulate interest in careers in Fisheries science and management among groups underrepresented in the fisheries professions, including minorities & women.

From the beginning of the program in 2001 to its current year 2019, the program has received 2,747 Total Applications, offered awards to 689 Hutton Scholars with the help of almost 700 Mentors in over 150 host and financially sponsoring institutions.

The of the scholarships offered over the past 18 years,  57% have been minority scholars and 58% have been female scholars. The Hutton J.F.B program conducted an alumni survey in 2011 to analyze the effect of the program of its 2001-2011 scholars. The survey results are as follows:

  • 12%  are working in Fisheries
  • 64%  are in Fisheries, Biology or Environmental science professions/field of study
  • 11%  are in unrelated field of study
  • 8%  are in fields of other sciences
  • 5%  are in fields of non-sciences

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program continues its mission every summer by engaging, inspiring and enriching next generation fisheries professionals. To take part in our mission and to learn more about resources and opportunities please contact us at [email protected].