Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program Helpful Sites

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AFS Units (Chapters, Sections, Divisions) 

Description: Find ways to stay connected in your region by finding AFS chapters, units and subchapters of interest in your area.
Sponsored by: American Fisheries Society

AFS Education Section
Description: Find ways to stay connected in your region by enaging in AFS Educational Chapter activities.
Sponsored by: American Fisheries Society

Awesome Library

Description: Awesome Library is a library of resources for multiple subjects (including games, lesson plans, theory, papers, and projects).
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Evaluation and Development Institute (EDI) and Dr. R. Jerry Adams

College Scoreboard

Description: The College Affordability and Transparency Center’s Collage Scorecard website provides information about the affordability and value of U.S. colleges and universities to help you make more informed decisions about which institution to attend. You can search for colleges based on factors such as programs or majors offered, location, enrollment size, and more.
Sponsored by: U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center

Climate Change & Colleges

Description: paired together with three experts to highlight how college campuses and students are helping to save the planet. The site highlights colleges and universities with sustainable campus programs and opportunities to become involved in the fight to keep our planet healthy.
Subject: Climate Change
Sponsored by: Affordable Colleges Online

It’s Okay To Be Smart

Description: It’s Okay To Be Smart offers an energetic and entertaining view about science, the amazing universe we live in, and how science connects to every part of our life.
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: Joe Hanson, Ph.D.

Khan Academy

Description: Khan Academy provides a video library of self-paced learning videos, practice problems, and quizzes.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Salman Khan


Description: MinuteEarth offers an energetic and entertaining view of Science and stories about our awesome planet!
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: Henry Reich

Study Guides and Strategies

Description: Study Guides and Strategies provides learning and studying techniques for math and science. The website supports several languages.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Joseph Frank Landsberger, researcher in student learning


Description: TED-Ed provides a video library, multiple-choice quizzes, short-answer questions, and resources for discovering more about various topics. The site also allows you to create a customized lesson based on any TED-Ed video or any educational video on YouTube.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: TED

The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center 

Description: The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center features more than 100 interactive science exhibits in five galleries, as well as major traveling exhibitions. Online resources for educators are provided on their website, and workshops/camps for students are offered.
Subject: Earth Sciences
Sponsored by: Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, a collaboration of 26 arts, science, and cultural institutions in Balboa Park