Due to the impacts of the current global pandemic, COVID-19, we unfortunately will not be able to host the first annual “Hutton Scholar Summit” or Hutton Scholar internship placements on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA this summer. We will be working to make both the Hutton Scholar Summit and internship placements happen in 2021. 

Please check back with this page in the Fall for more information about these two opportunities!

2020 Hutton Scholar National Gathering

When: August 6th-7th, 2020

Where: Virginia Tech’s Campus in Blacksburg, VA

This year, AFS is rolling out the first annual Hutton Scholar Summit which will bring all selected students together to share experiences, learn from fisheries students and professionals and connect with other high school students. The goal of this meeting of Hutton Scholars is to create a sense of community between students and to build connections between students, universities with fisheries programs and employers working in the fisheries profession. This “mini-conference” is open to all students who participate in the 2020 Hutton Program and will take place on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. This will be a two-day conference (August 6th and 7th, 2020) where students will hear from university students and professors, state and federal agency employees, and be able to present on the work they have completed this summer. Students will be able to participate in networking discussions, career and college fairs and a half day excursion to a fisheries site during their time at this conference.

Students who are selected to participate in the 2020 Hutton Program will be able to attend this event in August. Student travel expenses will be covered by AFS. Students would be housed on campus for two nights and would have meals provided for them using Virginia Tech’s dining facilities. Student’s who are selected to participate in the 2020 Hutton Program will be receiving more information about this exciting opportunity once selection results are released in April. For any questions about the Hutton Program National Gathering at Virginia Tech this summer, please contact Mary Webb Banning, Educational Program Coordinator, at [email protected] or (301) 897-8616 x204.

Hutton Residency Internship Positions Available at Virginia Tech

This year, in partnership with Virginia Tech’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the American Fisheries Society’s Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program will be launching a residential internship opportunity based on Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The number of students who are selected and placed on Virginia Tech’s campus for the summer will be dependent on funding received for the 2020 Hutton Program, but we are aiming for 2-3 students as a pilot in the program’s first year. In this opportunity, students will be exposed to collegiate and graduate school level research and the opportunity to work alongside both Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and United States Forest Service employees over the duration of their internship at Virginia Tech. Students are still able to apply and be selected and placed in internship positions near their hometowns, if they do not wish to apply to the placement location on Virginia Tech’s campus.

How will the Virginia Tech Hutton internship differ from the traditional Hutton Program structure?

Traditionally, students are selected into the program and placed with a mentor within a suitable commuting distance from the selected student’s home. The Hutton Program internship period has also traditionally been an eight-week program. For the students who apply and are placed on Virginia Tech’s campus, the internship will be four weeks and students will reside in dorm-style housing for the duration of their time as a Hutton Scholar on Virginia Tech’s campus. This internship position will run from July 13th to August 6th, 2020.  All housing and meals will be covered by Virginia Tech, student stipends will be provided by AFS every other week totaling $1,700 (two checks of $850) over the course of the four week internship. Payment for transportation to and from Virginia Tech’s campus may have the option to be funded as well. 

Students will have the choice of either applying for the Virginia Tech residency position or for the traditional Hutton Program internship placement (in hometown). Students who wish to apply to be placed at Virginia Tech for the summer must be within a 5 hour drive from Blacksburg, Virginia. We have made a strict recruitment distance so that selected students may have the option to return home on the weekends. 

Students who are selected to work at Virginia Tech for their Hutton internship will be participating in similar activities that all our Hutton Scholars are involved in each summer. Virginia Tech’s campus is home to many high school summer camps and internships, so students who will be participating in this residency opportunity will have access to hall monitors, dorm parents and camp counselors, if they are in need of anything when they are not working alongside their mentors. Students and parents will have access to mentor’s contact information in case of any issues or emergencies as well. 

How do I apply to be placed at Virginia Tech for the summer?

Each student who is interested in applying for placement on Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg, Virginia will fill out the Online Student Application (open Dec 15th, 2019 to Feb 16th, 2020). On the application, the student should select if they would like to be considered for a position at Virginia Tech or near their hometown. All students who apply for placement at Virginia Tech must answer one additional essay question. This essay question will discuss preparedness to live away from home for the summer and why they wish to participate in this internship opportunity. 


If you have any additional questions or are interested in applying for this internship opportunity, please contact Mary Webb Banning, Educational Program Coordinator, over email ([email protected]) or by telephone (301-897-8616 x204).