Mentor Application


    • Applications are OPEN

Download the application here: 2018 Mentor Application Form

Mentoring opportunities are on a volunteer basis.


You will receive a successful submission notification if your application has been processed. If you do NOT receive a successful submission notification, review to ensure you have completed all required fields then resubmit.


Completed applications can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (301) 897-8096 or mailed to:

American Fisheries Society Hutton Program
425 Barlow Place, Suite 110
Bethesda, MD 20814-2199



The principal goal of the Hutton Program is to stimulate interest in pursuing fisheries science and aquatic resources management careers among high school students from groups underrepresented in the fisheries professions, including minorities and women.

Mentor applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible and to recruit students, by visiting classes and communicating with science teachers and guidance counselors in local high schools.
Become a Hutton Champion and fill out the form to receive recruitment materials

--  Recruitment materials are available for download on the 'Resource Bucket Page', and can be requested by filling out the Contact us form.

-- Guidance on creating an appropriate project for a high school student and sample project descriptions from previous mentors can be provided upon request. 

--  All mentor and student applicants will be notified by April 2018 of their acceptance status and student match

--  Selected mentors must meet in person with his/her student match by May, 2018

--  Selected mentors must submit an acceptance letter by May, 2018. Mentors who do not submit an acceptance letter will be disqualified from participating as a mentor in the 2018 Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

For any questions/concerns, please contact [email protected]