Are you a dedicated fisheries professional interested in inspiring young people while diversifying the profession?

Since the Hutton Program began in 2001, over 270 mentors have taken part in the Hutton Program. AFS is always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated mentor applicants who are willing to introduce high school students to the dynamic world of fisheries science.

Hutton Mentors:

  • Volunteer to work alongside and mentor his/her matched Hutton Scholar for a full eight weeks over the summer
  • Ensure the future of the profession by introducing young people to the exciting world of fisheries science
  • Educate students about the importance of aquatic systems and other critical conservation issues
  • Have a positive influence on the next generation of leaders
  • Inspire others to pursue an important and rewarding career

Mentors are allowed and encouraged to co-mentor with other fisheries professionals in the same or another host organization, in order to give students a broad view of the many dimensions of fisheries science.

We welcome mentor applicants from municipal, state, federal, provincial, tribal, university, private, and non-governmental facilities in all states, commonwealths, and territories of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Being a Hutton Mentor:

AFS staff makes it easy to be a Hutton Mentor. We handle all logistics and administrative responsibilities, such as:

  • Recruiting students
  • Managing the student application and selection processes
  • Matching mentors to selected students
  • Disbursing scholarship payments to students
  • Providing mentoring best practices, guidance and administrative support to mentors

Guidance on creating an appropriate project for a high school student and sample project descriptions from previous mentors can be provided upon request. We strongly encourage mentor applicants to recruit qualified student applicants from their local high schools. Visit here to sign up to be a Hutton Champion.

Mentor Application:

Applications for the 2020 Hutton Program will be accepted starting October 15th, 2019.


Prospective Mentors must work in Fisheries profession and/or in marine biology. Mentors work in Federal, state and local agencies, private companies, academic and research institutions.

Program Requirements:

Mentors selected for the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program are expected to accomplish ALL requirements of the program.

  • Note: The student, parent or guardian, and mentor are required to meet soon after notification to discuss duties, responsibilities, and the summer schedule.
  • In order to participate, Mentors must return to the AFS Hutton Program an acceptance form signed by the student, parent or guardian, and mentor.
  • Hutton Mentors are required to submit two brief progress reports (one at mid-internship and one upon internship completion) about students’ performance.
  • Complete and submit students’ bi-weekly timesheets, signed by student and mentor.
  • Complete End of program evaluation and assessment

Mentors who do not submit an acceptance letter will be disqualified from participating as a mentor in the 2020 Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program.

Mentor Match:

Students selected for the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program are matched with a mentor within commuting distance (within a 45-mile radius) and will receive notification via [email protected] email address. AFS staff will notify mentors of their student matches after the AFS Hutton Committee reviews all student application and finalize the mentor-student matching processes.

Selected students are matched with a mentor in their local area for an eight-week internship in a fisheries setting. Among the many activities that “Hutton Scholars” may assist with include:

  • Stream sampling
  • Seining
  • Electrofishing
  • Fish tagging and tracking
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Public education
  • Angler surveys
  • Laboratory analyses of fish to determine age and growth

Program Stipulations:

This is a paid summer internship for high school students. Funding comes directly from The American Fisheries Society through our generous funding partners. The Hutton paychecks are not considered wages for tax purposes; therefore, no W-4 form needs to be completed by the student when he or she begins the program, and no taxes are withheld. However, student paychecks are considered taxable income according to IRS regulations. Students are advised to consult IRS regulations regarding scholarships.

AFS provides liability insurance for students and mentors who participate. Forms and instructions are provided to the mentor.

It may become necessary for students to spend time overnight at a distant site with their mentors. Parental permission must be obtained by the mentor in advance of the trip, preferably with blanket permission for the entire summer.